Over 35 years we have evolved into a full service experiential agency.
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With so much data available these days it’s difficult to know where to start. We research, identify and evaluate data and relevant consumer insights so we can assess how best to support the success of your project. Our analytical research includes:

Social listening | Competitor insights
Global consumer analysis | Industry forecasts

Strategy & Planning

We operate across all aspects of global project implementation from branding and event logistics to audience recruitment, omni-channel content strategy and social media. Every project is different but one thing is certain; they all need a guiding principle. We take a strategic approach to this from the outset; understanding the brand tone of voice, commercial objectives and nailing down the all important ‘who’ and ‘why’. Our teams have an acute commercial awareness of the evolving marketing landscape and will power your project visually and commercially – through relevant mass and macro markets.


We work with you to establish ‘what success looks like’ and ensure it is collaboratively achieved. Agreeing measurable objectives at the start of the project allows us to demonstrate value, effectiveness and return on investment post completion of the project.

Audience acquisition

To understand an audience is to comprehend where and how they consume. Conducting analytical research and providing you with key insights into consumer trends allows us to devise creative and executional processes to target and connect you with your desired demographic.


Using dedicated apps / tools, we will make your money work harder; operating a collaborative and transparent approach to budget management whilst ensuring tight negotiations with all third parties.


Experiential design & branding

We have spent 30 years designing and creating meaningful experiences, engaging and delighting our client’s consumers. We tell your story through class-leading design and execution whatever the project.

Content ideation

We have extensive experience of creating and developing content-rich stories that supports the creative visualisation of your brief. We optimise content for your relevant social platforms and build a roll-out strategy to maximise viewer engagement. Our digital teams can create and optimise footage on all social platforms including:

Facebook | Facebook Live | Instagram | Instagram stories | YouTube | WeChat | Weibo

Event marketing

We produce meaningful experiences not only for your consumer but for you too. Making sure you get the most of out the project is essential. Staying true to your brand DNA, we will develop an event communications strategy – coinciding with your global marketing campaigns – to amplify your brand messaging through the power of communication.

Digital marketing

Providing your consumers with a meaningful and immersive experience is paramount to increasing advocacy. We create compelling and interactive environments to ensure your client is absorbed into your world and their rapport with your brand is strengthened.

Team engagement

Every brand success story starts and ends with good service. Selective recruitment, relevant sales / communications training and education for all team could be the difference between a client conversation and a conversion.

Experiential technology

Technology excites us. It breathes life into the static and puts‘experience’ into ‘experiential’. We carefully consider every client’s brief, building in technology to enhance the overall experience. Blending our up-to-the-second technological know-how with our creative ambition and commitmentto innovation, we ensure that your consumer is taken on a compelling journey using interactivity and responsive environments.


Portfolio management

We understand that you may be juggling multiple global event strategies, let us help. We focus and consolidate your global event planning and ensure you maximise value across your activations.

Corporate event & conference management

With over 30 years’ experience of global event management, we understand the pressures of running any corporate event. With this in mind we built our bespoke technology, ‘ EventHive’, to alleviate your frustrations. This tool is made with our clients, for our clients; this robust technology makes scheduling your live events faster and more efficient, allowing you to spend more time with your valued clients..

Design & fabrication

From large graphic production and engineering, to finishing touches of staging and props, we bring your ideals to life. We reach your visual ambitions by creating the perfect environment into which you are proud to welcome your clients.

Social media

Whether you need glossy corporate film production or generation of live assets, we understand the demand to develop consistent content for social media. Our digital team work to build robust social media strategies to ensure your social voice both narrates your global activities and engages new followers.


The behind the scenes logistics of an event are as important as the front of house presentation – it’s your engine room. Steeped in decades of experience around the globe, we are masters at pre-empting where additional management would maximise efficiency. You can rely on our on-site team and our EventHive technology to manage these all-important elements to your event.

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