Spring Round-Up | Sara Lilley | Marketing

Fast forward 12 months and I am certain the event’s industry respected award scene will be celebrating award-winning evolutions of exhibitions and events; the creative marriage of physical and digital experiences that live on after a market has closed its doors. Certainly here at 2Heads, we are full steam ahead with the creation of event platforms that amplify a brand’s physical event with a bespoke online digital experience and vice versa.

For Spring 2020 however, influencer magazines such as EventMarketer and The Exhibitor celebrated the creativity and design of 2019 with recognition for all the envelope-pushing agencies out there taking brand awareness and experiential marketing to another level. It is heart-warming to remember during such tough times, that the industry is made up of such imaginative and innovative professionals.

Here at 2Heads, we felt very honored to receive one of the fifteen Exhibitor Magazine Exhibit Design Awards for our work with Bombardier and a further six (!) awards from the World Exhibition Stand Awards, including two Diamonds and two Platinum rosettes. A great way to celebrate some of the super brands we partner with; Disney, Airbus, Playtech and Rolls-Royce.

All eyes at 2Heads now turn to The EventMarketer’s revered Ex Awards in the USA where 2Heads partnership with Airbus has been nominated for Best Exhibition Campaign against the giant work of Fortnite at E3 and the Dell International Conference. Thrilled as we are with the finalists nomination, we hope you all join us with fingers crossed on the 23rd June where the winners are announced via an Online Gala Evening.