2Heads Talks E3: VX Labs Unpacked

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Sara Lilley Published: 03 August 2020

For Volume 3 of our 2Heads Talks, we invited Nick R, our Director of Digital, Jordan W, our Exec Creative Director and Dan H, Director of Sales to sit down and tell us about their client side initiative; the VX Labs.
Designed to first uncover the pain brands were experiencing and then review their opportunities in light of emerging digital trends, the VX Labs worked with over 30 brands to create a blueprint for the new digital event world.
In this vlog the guys discuss the favorite discoveries from the lab and debate what developments will be most important for the future.
If you would like to experience a VX Lab for yourself, please contact us at digital@2heads.com for your bespoke session or join us at our first VX Lab Live broadcast event later in August.


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