Digital Toolkit

2Heads Global Design presents EventHive, the digital toolkit designed
by event professionals for event professionals.

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In constant development for over ten years EventHive is an intuitive, customisable hybrid platform designed
to be a pioneering solution in an ever-evolving event market. Whether to support live, physical or hybrid experiences,
EventHive is the digital solution world-leading brands use to manage their online and live events worldwide:


A Virtual Experience tool for creating and hosting events that are as meaningful online
as they are live, VX is your all in one platform for building a compelling event online.

Meaningful brand experiences
virtually anywhere



Make meetings simple with Sync, your tool for scheduling and
managing meaningful collaborations online, live or hybrid.

Event meetings
made simple



EventHive Organizer - Manage every attribute of you event;
online and in real time. Host. Control. Curate.

Event organising
made simple


2Heads + EventHive + EventHive VX

Use our award-winning collective of creatives,
strategists and digital specialists to deliver an
immersive experience that merges the limits of
live and online.

Our #onlive hybrid approach to the future ensures
an immersive brand experience for your customers that:

• Builds sustainable emotional connections
• Connects with the right curated content
• Immerses with 3D storytelling experiences
• Creates a community within your online brand identity
• Provides focused user data analytics
• Defines your brand as a leader in the new future