2Heads Launch Innovation Lab Sessions

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News | Nick Rosier | Digital and Content Director Published: 03 February 2020

Do you want to expand your creative tech knowledge?

New Decade. New Opportunities. New ways of working. These were all things up for discussion at 2Heads inaugural Innovation Lab workshop. The brainchild of Digital Content Director Nick Rosier and his team, the objective behind the workshop was to open up the Innovation Lab forum to the entire company.

Creative event tech is a passion at 2Heads and our digital/tech team is growing monthly, in terms of both knowledge and inventive problem-solving solutions we are offering to clients. With such progression, Nick and the team wanted to create time internally to explore and debate the potential for this knowledge in the greater event world. Launching with an insight and debate on Digital Printing, the workshops will take place every month at 2Heads HQ.

The first session created a blueprint for future sessions with the team sharing knowledge internally about what is possible, what tech is available and what we can do with that tech to improve efficiencies and our output to clients. Then the digital team opened the forum to drive discussion and some blue-sky R&D projects that could help develop real innovation.

Nick commented; ‘If you fill a room with people and show them a tech and explain how it works, they will all have a different view on how it can be used. For client operations, digital printing can create tools onsite and for a designer, digital printing allows them to question how they could express their space in a different way.’

The forum concept is key to innovation the digital team believes, as it allows time to generate ideas. Take a tech that has an few known applications and let the team brainstorm problems and client situations that we deal with on a day to day basis. By reviewing existing conventional solutions, the 2Headers as a group of people with different perspectives on the tech can generate new ways of resolving these problems and new products we can offer clients.

The aim for the Innovation Lab ongoing is to inspire people and start a thriving R&D presence within 2Heads where the digital team will be able to pick projects out of these sessions that have a real commercial value. In our opinion problem solving and creativity does not become innovation unless it has a real purpose that can be developed and turned into a commercial positive for our clients.

The next two techs to have the Lab spotlight will be our use of Arduino computer platforms at events and the experiential aspects of conductive paint. Check back in for our insights following these session or alternatively, if you would like to come along, contact us @ nickr@2heads.com


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