Ahead of the Curve

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Jordan Waid | ECD & Dan Hall | Business Director Published: 23 February 2021

Future proof 2021 with top tips on creating hybrid and digital events that generate real brand connection with your audience.

The future of the live events industry is universally accepted to be ‘hybrid,’ but when exactly is this happening? The answer is; it’s up to you.
When are you ready to take the step?

As we cautiously plan for the months ahead at 2Heads, we thought we’d share our planning criteria for hybrid events to come. Some key things for
you to consider that will protect your brand and budget while still allowing you to engage with audiences in creative, meaningful ways.

Part 2 of our ‘Change’ insight is all about creating the right blueprint for getting ahead of the curve and to practice what we preach, we’re also sharing a field guide from one of our recent hybrid success stories, a multi-award winning project with our client Airbus called ‘Level Up’.

Download your free copy of the ‘Ahead of the Curve’ below or watch the video version instead by clicking play above.

If you’d like to talk about staying Ahead of the Curve in 2021, connect with us via our Future Proofing Lab which is outlined at the back of this report. Top brands recommend it.


Drop us a line on hello@2heads.com to find out more.

Ahead of the curve


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