EventHive 2.0 Launched

EventHive 2.0 Launched | Meetings that create a Buzz

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We are proud to launch EventHive 2.0

Our reliable, stress-relieving event management app.

As leaders in the event and exhibition world, we are well-versed in the problems that can beset a successful activation. When we partner with our clients, we first understand what constitutes success for them and then move mountains to bring that success to life, trouble-shooting problems along the way. Over our 36 years in the industry, we learned that we can support a client’s success not only in the creation of a successful activation but in the partnering with their ‘on-the-ground’ team. A successful event or exhibition includes late nights, long hours and a busy schedule, time and space are a rare commodity with most event coordinators unable to find time for breaks and where rescheduling can be quite the stressful experience. We therefore sought to create a digital solution that could solve that problem too; a fit for purpose, easy to use system that could take the sting out of event management.

An event has many requirements placed upon it, it has a sales objective; a requirement to further the business through deals made and services/products sold, it has a marketing objective; to enhance brand awareness and position the company as a leader in highly competitive markets; it has a data objective; to understand the ROI that a global show programme brings and more importantly what clients think of the company; the customer journey.

That is a lot of expectation and requirement placed on an event, and what carries the weight of the expectation? Not only the environment itself, but also the meeting schedules; the meetings themselves the microcosm of the overall’s event success. Combined in a molecular chain of scheduled appointments throughout the year, the success of the global show programme is dependent on each one obtaining its objectives. One unexpected change to the programme, one problem with the management platform and the event can have a very different outcome to the one desired.

Some years ago, we experienced this first-hand. A client of ours, a world-leader in every way, was running a series of events in an activation 2heads designed. Early morning, we witnessed the client’s coordinator blu-tacking paper to the meeting rooms. A colleague stopped her and explained the meeting had changed. They amended the Rota with a pen. It was the only way they could make adaptable last-minute changes. Lose that bit of paper and the customer experience would be very different. This may sound glib, but EventHive was born out of understanding the need to put the customer journey at the heart of an event with a scheduled meeting platform that is fast, easy and efficient for all end-users. No three-day training courses here.

EventHive started life in 2012, then known as EventPro and beta tested by aerospace client Bombardier. Following this initial success, the software was developed with clients for clients and was officially launched in 2016 for use with Freemantle, Disney Media and Endemol Shine group. Since then EventHive partners with over 20+ clients, including world-leaders such as Airbus, UTC, BNP Paribas and Fox, managing crucial time and space at over 100 events for 23,000+ meetings. More importantly, it has provided 6,000 client users with the solution they need to make their live events a success.

Building upon the happy testimonials of our clients, we set about developing EventHive 2.0 which has now been launched to the market and enjoys a new home at www.eventhive.com. This robust software was created to allow clients to manage meetings with a dynamic range of flexible communications, capture data and ROl, and streamline global event programmes. Clients can keep all meeting information for the entire event in one centralised, simple solution and receive real-time oversight of things as they happen.

Adaptable for any event, from any device, in any global territory, EventHive allows you to capitalise on the investment of the time and space that events can drain, whilst channelling your event planning and helping you shape your subsequent strategic thinking.


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