Game Engines - Powering the B2B Future

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Game Engines - the future of B2B

The software originally designed for building video games has entered a new era.  The well-known game engines ‘Unity’ and ‘Unreal Engine’ are moving out of their heartland and beginning to open up incredible opportunities in a vast array of industries from automotive and construction to animation and architecture. The opportunities this technology presents really are limitless.

So why is that important to you?

Once the province of open world AAA video games, 3D worlds are fast becoming the backdrop for virtual and digital experiences. With increased digital product sales developing out of recent lockdown, could virtual environments be a long term B2B solution?

Brands have upgraded their online infrastructure and now regularly communicate virtually to their customers. This method of interaction is here to stay and the next evolution of this medium will be to curate virtual worlds that fully immerse the customer in the sales narrative.

The new medium for business

We have investigated at length the application of game engine technology in the B2B world for our technology clients – most of whom do not sell a physical product. For them, the real opportunity lies in virtual product experience and demonstration.

Most brands exhibit at tradeshows to showcase their latest products, all of which have had millions if not billions of R&D invested in their development. Despite this investment, when it comes to demonstrating them to customers they are a reverting to traditional demo kiosks, explainer videos and even scale models for salespeople to talk around.  Customer expectations are changing and building immersive demos in game engine technology can help meet the increased demand for experience.

A game changer for B2B experience

  • True engagement – immerse customers in photo-realistic brand worlds that they control
  • Limitless potential – bring to life aspects of products or solutions that can’t be shown in real life
  • Multiple applications – high value tools that can be used online, at events, in meetings
  • Guided or self-explore – host customers in these worlds via video call or give them control of the experience
  • Updatable – evolve and iterate the virtual tools as products and solutions develo
  • Sustainable – creativity and imagination leave less impact on the environment

But how can I make Game Engines work for me?

  • Brand Immersion – explorable 3D worlds that immerse visitors in a company’s brand messaging
  • Product Demonstration – fully interactive and ‘expandable’ virtual product demos that allow users to interact with key sales feature
  • Virtual Customer Experience Centre’s – Global CEC tools that replicate physical environments allowing for hybrid guest experiences

If you would like to know more than have a chat with us. Our Game Engine Demos are up and waiting for you to explore.


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