Our Story


Our business is rooted in our innate understanding of brands and what it takes to set them apart in competitive and challenging global markets.

The last 30 years have seen us evolving with the landscape of experiential marketing; from structure and event production to building fully interactive live experiences and 360 degree project campaigns. This extensive experience has resulted in trusted partnerships with some of the world’s leading and most exciting brands and for this we feel incredibly privileged.

We have strength, passion and hard work at our core. Our love of collaboration and consistent quest for excellence has resulted in the longevity of our client relationships. We challenge ourselves daily to improve, evolve and achieve true partnerships with both our clients and our teams.

Meet The Team

Pepe Parra


I founded 2heads in 1983 because I saw an opportunity in the growing world of b2b events and exhibitions for a commercially focused business. I wanted to build a company with the right people who were excited to deliver experiential outcomes that exceeded client expectation. I believed then, and even more now, that a good partnership means empowering your clients to achieve and its been one of my life’s pleasures to witness how much they have grown.

My greatest pride is my team; how they have risen to the challenges of a changing world and given their all in everything they do. Their loyalty and dedication is an inspiration to me and I look forward to seeing what our ‘family’ do next.

Craig Wildman

Global Managing Director

I am a strong believer in the power of experience. Over fifteen years in Marketing, PR and Creative, I have witnessed the daily evolution of these arenas and whilst the how – and the what – of client communication is ever-changing, the need to create emotive, meaningful experiences and tangible brand results remains as important as ever.

It is with excitement, that I continue to build the 2Heads global proposition and strengthen our business pillars in-line with the needs of our incredible client portfolio. Most importantly, finding innovative ways to deepen the experience felt by clients when partnering with us.

My passion has always been to evolve and modernise business models, and I’m happy to have found a home at 2Heads. Our team’s determination to innovate and break new ground is inspirational and will result in a bright future for our clients. We are all very excited to about the rich and meaningful experiences we are going to create for our partners for years to come.

James Simpkins

Executive director

I am passionate about leading brands on their business journey, working in partnership with them to understand their challenges and accelerate their business growth. I am their strategic partner and I use my twenty years’ experience to make the necessary calls on approach, content and talent to deliver outcomes that exceed client expectation. For every client relationship, I lead a bespoke team of experience specialists, working closely with each to support and enhance their own performance.

Customer experience is everything to me. I’m genuinely proud of how the team share that passion every day, no matter what the challenge and how much extra effort is required. Our clients trust and believe in us. We are relentless in supporting their needs and delivering exceptional experiences for both clients and their audiences.

Paul Godwin

Executive Director

I engage and collaborate with our world-leading clients on commercially critical opportunities. Understanding their brand strategy and translating it into a technical road-map for analysis, ideation and implementation. Over my eighteen years at 2heads, I have strategically led and developed client accounts into global show programs in some of the most powerful industry bases. I greatly enjoy managing client relationships and directing the delivery of complex multi-faceted projects as well as business troubleshooting; acting as a sounding board and mentor to the wider agency team.

Even after 24 years in the events industry each day presents fresh exciting challenges and that is what I love about this job. Being able to understand the sectors and markets that our clients work in, and then help them make a difference is what makes every day unique.

Rebecca Lilley

Global HR Director

Throughout my career in both HR and as a subject matter expert in Talent, L&D and Engagement, my greatest joy has been empowering people to succeed. It’s all about having a strong understanding of the business and its strategy and how this translates to getting the right people, in the right roles doing what they love while supporting them to grow and develop. I believe we can only support our clients to achieve their goals if internally we have the right culture, talent strategy and pride in all we do. We operate as change leaders, constantly tinkering within so we can partner our clients without.

What it is about work that gets me out of bed in the morning? Seeing people passionate about what they do! I love seeing our people grow and learn both as professionals and as individuals. I fundamentally believe we bring our whole selves to work, and that when leveraged, this creates a foundation for sustainable innovation, creativity and business longevity.

Steve Parra

VP of Operations US

I make things happen. With over 15 year’s experience at 2heads, I understand every nuance of event production and delivery, and have executed multi-disciplined projects for leading brands all over world. Leading the LA office, my focus is on delivering return on investment for our US and International brands, building decade long relationships with them as we partner from the ground up on budget, project creation, management and execution.

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