Creating A Cultural Centrepiece

Three branded

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Where: IBMS Congress, Birmingham


The Institute of Biomedical Science Congress is the largest Medical Diagnostic exhibition in the UK and a flagship event for the diagnostic industry. 2Heads were proud to partner with Tosoh Bioscience for the first time at the event, creating an activation that placed the innovation of Tosoh’s products at the centre of a gaze-stealing space.


Tosoh Corporation is a global chemical and diagnostic company founded in Japan. Tosoh Bioscience - the UK selection of Tosoh Corporation wanted their open, transparent, friendly and yet conservative Japanese heritage to shine at IBMS whilst making sure their specialist product portfolio and robust analyser blood diagnostic products stood out and spoke to their NHS target audience. 

2Heads designed a space that paid homage to both Tosoh's Japanese heritage and their brand reputation by creating a "stand-out showpiece" in the heart of the IBMS. The aim; to re-establish Tosoh’s presence at the event and reinforce their market leading position within the diagnostic field.

2Heads Creative team took the strategy back to basics and created a Japanese themed space with experiential elements that also retained a traditional feel.  Traditional Japanese architectural materials formed the basis of the fundamental design; tatami mats, zen gardens, bonsai trees, bamboo, wood screens and pergola-style wooden structures. Touchpoints props such as Japanese fans, lanterns and umbrellas set the mood within the creative concepts proposed. In an event such as IBMS, 2Heads wanted to create a show-stopper experiential element that stood above the crowd and attracted footfall while remaining on brand.

Within the space, 2Heads created a focus on the Brand Experience Journey with three key areas. The Attract aspect; an engagement piece that consisted of a set of three glass pieces to replicate a microscope in an anamorphic style. The installation focused on a 3D haemoglobin molecule on the back wall.  Using the principles of anamorphic design, the audience could interact and discover glycated haemoglobin. This " Creative Centre piece" or Installation sweet spot as we call it told the story of Tosoh's unique positioning in the marketplace as the company whose HPLC analyser can diagnose pre-diabetes better than any other diagnostic machine.

The Engage aspect included Information consoles with key ‘take-aways’ from Tosoh for visitors. Key facts were located around the activation area and central IPads encouraged visitors to make initial contact with the brand. High level branding and promoted video screens enticed visitors to come closer.

The Inform aspect included a distinct space away from the madding crowd that aided discussion.  Angled screens and stylised furniture were used with low planting and atmospheric lighting to provide a warm and welcoming space for business discussions to take place.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with all of the 2Heads team, from Ally, to JD and Bhav at Client Services to Client Ops who installed the stand. Everyone was amazing and I think that everything went to plan! Everyone was calm, relaxed and that makes for a great environment to work.

Stephanie Shaw | Product Marketing Manager | TOSOH Bioscience Ltd