Airbus @ Gamescom

Accelerating experiential events in esports

4 day


1.6 million


36,000 on-stand



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WHO: Airbus

WHERE: Gamescom 2019 | Cologne

Accelerating Airbus on the eSports stage with a full-service experiential event package

As part of Airbus’ employer marketing strategy, they sponsor an all-female League of Legends eSports team, who perform at the top of the leagues. This year the team held exhibition matches at Gamescom in Cologne, Europe’s largest gaming convention. The games were held to increase brand awareness of Airbus among the young gaming demographic, and recruit for tech roles from cyber security to software development.

Creating brand awareness and driving tangible ROI through experiential spaces in the eSports market

2Heads were approached to develop an end-to-end proposal for the 2019 stand that included concept, design, build, ticketing, social and influencer marketing, content creation and PR/communications strategy around this unique event.

We crafted a strategy that hinged on three key areas: presenting Airbus as leaders in gaming and team sports, leaders in innovation and leaders in diversity and inclusivity. We developed a rich daily event schedule in collaboration with the Airbus careers team and the OOB team, that included a range of activations, games, talks and interviews throughout each show day.

Key highlights included a HoloLens demo, open gaming challenge battles, interactive VR experience, branded cardboard stool giveaways that acted as mobile branding devices, live robotics programming experience, coding competition, recruitment talks, interviews, guest livestream casting with audience members and event hacking moments.

As part of the gaming, 2Heads created a non-stop livestream event on Twitch that featured rich content, from live camera footage from key locations, to high impact motion graphics, to direct feeds from the 5v5 eSports gaming matches. Visitors could pre-book via an app or apply on the day to challenge the OOB team in 5v5 matches live on the stand. We brought in known caster/show host Lewpac to drive crowd engagement and further expand the reach of the event via his own social following. By combining viewership across OOB, Airbus and Lewpac’s channels and online presence, we drove strong engagement and expanded the reach of Airbus’ message beyond their core follower-ship and into gaming and tech audiences.

At a convention like Gamescom that is content overload, it is hugely important to create content that resonates but also stands out from the noise. To solve this problem and create real buzz and energy around the space, our team developed a series of Event Hack moments. The whole Airbus stand had a takeover moment, with screens, sound and lighting being ‘hacked’ to run a tight crowd interaction sequence, ending with giveaways of exclusive branded gear and swag from Airbus and the OOB team. These moments only lasted 2-3 minutes, but resulted in crowd surges of 180-200%.

A key part of our strategy was to highlight the focus of diversity and inclusivity in gaming and tech careers. We wanted to draw a line under the fact that Airbus sponsor an all female team in the male dominated environment of eSports. This same thread is true of careers in tech and development, with a heavy bias being evident across race, gender and age. By opening up challenge matches to anyone from the audience, it was possible to celebrate the diversity of people at Gamescom and the wider gaming community and build a positive, wholesome atmosphere around the matches in a challenge to the sometimes toxic culture around eSports. We were able to convey the spirit of inclusivity that sits at the core of Airbus’ recruitment philosophy. Dwell time as a result was considerable, we recorded a big increase in brand awareness, and visitors came back day after day to continue to experience and be a part of the event.

Over all, around 370,000 people visited Gamescom over the 4 days. In a space of just 128m2 we were able to measure over 3,000 visitors who directly interacted in the gaming, careers staff, or tech demos, supported by only 16 Airbus reps who worked in shifts of 4-5. Overall footfall was in the region of 8,500, with many more passing through the space and being exposed to the livestream and gaming. Online impressions skyrocketed in comparison to previous years, with 1.45m impressions on LinkedIn, 62.8k Insta story impressions, and 158k Facebook impressions. Overall we generated over 11k interactions with just 100 posts. Crucially, Airbus benefited from a substantial increase in actual applications and conversions for job applicants directly from the event.

What we liked about the 2Heads concept was the way it told a full comprehensive story about our presence at Gamescom as Airbus, and the partnership Airbus is building with Esports.

Nicola Kirchner | Airbus Employment Marketing Manager