Disney Reimagined

The Talk of MIPCOM Town

WHO: Disney

WHERE: MIPCOM 2019| Palais des Festivals | Cannes

Disney Takes Center Stage

There is only one word on the lips of the media industry as October arrives; MIPCOM, the grand dame of the media industry and the finale to a year of events showcasing the content that will fill our screens in the months to come.  For one final time this year, media companies, production houses, distributors and executives gather in Cannes, France surrounded by the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea network, attend screenings & panels, discuss opportunities and forge lasting relationships.

The Talk of MIPCOM Town

To celebrate and promote a uber successful year, it was imperative to Disney that their space and attendee experience represented not only their past and present, but also their future. With a prominent space in the show, attendees are always looking to Disney to set the bar for the show and 2019 was no different.

 Understanding Disney’s need to stand out and their requirement for a heightened visitor journey reflective of their status as the world’s leading media brand, 2Heads completely re-imagined their space for 2019.

We created an environment that fostered collaboration and highlighted the main star of the show and the hero of their brand; Disney’s world-changing content. Infusing color with texture, we created an atmosphere that asked visitors to touch and engage with the walls. Walking from one area to another, visitors were invited to absorb the rich imagery there … the originality portrayed in the content portraits reflected by its surroundings.

The result was a modern, sophisticated, innovative but most of all, targeted activation. Every space was designed to focus the visitor journey on exploring the sheer breadth and scale of Disney’s offering. Flower roofs and vintage lightening allowed visitors to relax into the environment, leaving a lasting enjoyment of Disney reminiscent to the joy visitors experienced as children themselves.

Flexible spaces were then designed to hold meetings throughout the day without any interruption to the buzzy ambiance and then transformed into an after-party that extended to the early hours of the morning. 

Each year, Disney elects 2Heads to push the boundaries and create an experience that not only stands out from a highly competitive crowd but provides a whole new meaning to visitors.  It is of huge pride to all of us here that we deliver an activation that surpasses Disney’s expectations, allows them to exceed their objectives and create a lasting MIPCOM mark.