Experiencing Luxury with Airbus

Digital Enhancements of the Customer Experience

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Airbus HAI Atlata

A masterclass in customer experience

After a number of years at the world’s Helicopter flagship show, HAI Heli-Expo in Atlanta, Airbus wanted to reinvent the presence in 2019 with a new, contemporary, slick look that reflected the quality of their aircraft. They wanted to put more emphasis, not just the technical elements of their helicopters, but also the customer service and after-sales experience that only Airbus can supply.

Three day



VR and Digital technology

500 visitors

customers, parters & VIP's

255 sign-ups

from photoshoot only

Airbus wows at HAI Atlanta

The aim was to promote the exclusive ownership experience of the Airbus Corporate Jets and Airbus Corporate Helicopters (ACJ and ACH); each boasting unparalleled levels of comfort, space and innovation.

We created an experience that epitomised the brand aesthetic. Subtle and elegant consumer interactions, including touch screen displays and GIF photo opportunities, showcased the aspirational qualities of the brand and its aircrafts. Floor projections and directional sound experiences were also installed to provide full sensory immersion into the Airbus world.

We partnered with Airbus to develop an environment that showcased the product range whilst providing easy access to after-care sales information. A much larger emphasis was placed on digital technology to assist with the sales process.

A suite of digital sales consoles allowed the after-care team to display their product/services range. Experience booths invited people to linger and watch the Airbus videos and an ACH premium brand H160 fuselage mock-up showcased the mock-up interior.

2Heads designed and created the light feature with sequenced moving lights to reflect the rotating blades of the helicopter, transform into the US flag to touch on location and place. A digitalized running clock on the helicopters also show ‘real time’ info on how many flight hours each aircraft has completed.

A welcome digital totem proved an important way for visitors to interact with the stand before they entered … finding out what and who is there … main points of contact and funneling the client journey/experience to the right people.

2Heads also created sound domes, where visitors can walk onto a disk and hear different sounds, ost notably the H160 ‘Blue motion’ reduction of noise tech which cancels out the sound of rotor blades. The sound showers 2Heads concept worked very well in the busy exhibit hall.

Lastly 2Heads created a content management system that included stats and videos; effectively a condensed mini website for the products which brought digital content to the large screens in the booths and main areas.

Hundreds of global partners, media and VIP buyers were hosted during the three-day event - with data captured from over 250 people at the GIF-photo opportunity alone. This was a highly publicised and successful event that far exceeded the Airbus expectations.


Partnering with 2Heads at HAI helped us achieve our key objectives. Our guests were immersed in the Airbus brand via clever touchpoints such as the welcome totem, the sound showers, the live demonstrations and the console booths, leaving them with a lasting impression, not just of Airbus but of the quality of our post-sale lifetime aftercare; a key narrative for us.


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