Kantar Innovation Suite

Revamping the digital space

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Kantar Innovation Suite Hanger Lane, London

Bringing a New Spin to Interactive Narratives

Kantar’s Innovation Suite is designed to demonstrate how Kantar’s measurement products fit within the home environment and how viewing habit data can be captured and utilised by their clients. The suite is designed to look like a family home, with a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and a whole range of digital media devices that could be owned by a modern family. But when your tech is powered by innovation, how do you make sure your sales pitch represents this?

Kantar is the world’s leading media intelligence,
data insights and consulting company

Operating in over a hundred countries worldwide, Kantar is able to paint a complete picture of customer behaviours – the way they think, feel, shop, share and consume the media. Their brand and marketing communications research is used by 92 of the world's largest 100 advertisers and utilises a broad range of techniques, from neuroscience to exit polls, from large scale consumer panels to quantitative studies and qualitative research.

2Heads were asked to bring interactivity to an existing client facing space, the Innovation Suite, to create a customer journey that would bring the product portfolio to life. The key to this project was showing how media consumption of each member of the same household is captured individually to generate powerful analytical outcomes and actionable insights for Kantar’s clients. With 2Heads successful experience in event installation, this new setting is an opportunity to support business growth development for Kantar.

To achieve this, the Digital Team designed and developed a completely new interactive operating system to run the suite, creating a holistic portfolio narrative. Through it, visitors were introduced to the Kantar “family”; a set of character personas that brought a story element to each tour, with each visitor assigned a persona at the start to help them explore.

The Welcome Screen outside the suite gives visitors an introduction to the technology they’ll be using, as well as a first glimpse at their family personas’ interests and tastes. Inside the suite, videos and audio clips specific to each persona can be accessed on the TVs, tablets, radio (and even the kitchen fridge!) when a visitor scans their persona card on the digital NFC readers. The specific clips and the length of time they’re viewed then updates real-time analytics dashboards, which can be presented by the tour guide to show exactly the kinds of insights that can be gathered from this type of data.

To help the tour guide manage these dashboards and the tech inside the suite, the 2Heads Digital Team also designed and developed a tablet-based controller. From it, the guide can control each persona's data, the suite’s smart lighting zones and even the power to the entire operating system, so each new tour can be up and ready to go with one tap of the screen!

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