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Spotify Spotify Suites 2018 CES

700 VIP guests | 15,000 Sqft Branded Environment | Five Suite Activation

Spotify had two briefs for their presence at CES 2018. Design a series of suites to impress the most discerning of guests and create an experiential evening that put Spotify’s world-leading music innovation at the forefront of all its attendee’s minds.

From Suite to the Stage

2018 marked the year that Spotify stepped off the CES show floor and took over an entire floor of suites at the Fairview Villas at the Wynn. Spotify wanted their 15,000 square feet of unique space to generate a greater level of impact that their CES activations had previously. Not a beat could be missed; all elements from their previous c-stand had to be incorporated and enhanced into five hotel suites that could host formal meetings, panels and demos.

To kick off CES each year, Spotify also host their annual Supper that celebrates creativity through taste and sound at the Hakkasan Nightclub. 2Heads were engaged by Spotify to develop and deliver an end-to-end proposal for the experience that included concept, environmental design, fabrication, audio visual, production, venue liaison, talent management and overall attendee experience.

2Heads worked closely with Spotify on the CX narrative for the suite series, approaching the activation by first focusing on Spotify’s requirements and building that into a branded ‘music-led’ journey for each guest. Once a footprint had been determined for each meeting space, lounge, demo area and podcast booth, 2Heads then refined the environment with attendee experience the main focus of the design.

Each suite was transformed through a complete remodel into a modern and on brand environment. Guests were guided by Spotify touchpoints that began at the hotel lobby and led to the varying activations. By focusing on the attendee experience, we incorporated the fun and dynamism synonymous with Spotify into everything; from the creative, the content, to the refreshments and digital event tech.  

The fun continued into the evening event included a catered dinner by celebrity chef Kristen Kish and a stunning live musical performance by Rita Ora. Embracing the Hakkasan venue and environment, we designed multiple Spotify ‘moments’ with integrated branding and messaging to engage the 700 pre-invited guests. Guests interacted for hours with the many Spotify opportunities we designed, including the infinity mirrors, digital photo booth, chef stations and branded bars with laughter heard throughout this all-encompassing live music and food experience.

2Heads created a truly unforgettable experience to reinforce Spotify’s brand as one of the global leaders, highlight their presence at CES and make the big PR statement Spotify were looking for. The new Spotify suites gave the opportunity for the megabrand to host partners and executives in an environment that was fun, relaxed and allowed them to recharge before a party event that fully reflected the Spotify brand personality, ever evolving and full of creativity.

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