The Force Awakens

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Disney Launches End of Skywalker Saga MIPCOM

France Feels the Force

What does a fourteen-year-old relationship with the world’s leading media company Disney bring? The opportunity to imagine and create some of the most exciting and engaging brand experiences. Our favourite? Hard to choose, but the Stars Wars activation at MIPCOM 2015 was definitely one to remember.



Showcasing a Legend

With MIPCOM 2020 evolving in response to recent pressures, we wanted to step back in time to our favourite MIPCOM activation and Disney’s brief for a show stopping experience that launched the first instalment in the last Star Wars sequel trilogy – “The Force Awakens” – after a 10 year wait. The beginning of the conclusion of the nine-part "Skywalker saga,” was momentous enough but the decision to showcase such a prestigious and historical film production at MIPCOM re-enforced Disney’s status as global content creators and industry leaders. A market production that reset the expectation bar for customers and associates and would be reminisced upon for years to come.

The Star Wars activation had three key objectives from a BRAND and CONTENT perspective that 2Heads had to embed when creating the perfect environment for the Disney global sales teams to engage customers, conduct business and preview the latest content.

First and most importantly, 2Heads had to ensure the Disney brand was honoured and that brand amplification was of the highest calibre as Disney took centre at their beachside location. As first impressions went, Disney’s presence had to be the most striking and spectacular sight to be seen, especially when night fell, and guests arrived for the Star Wars party.

The second need was to give an elevated platform to the upcoming release of the New Star Wars Film “The Force Awakens” produced by LucasFilms, an owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney company. A futuristic and cutting-edge approach was a must for Disney who needed a creative strategy that enraptured audiences and told a narrative that entertained guests.

The third objective was to ensure all the other Disney key brands and studios had the exposure they needed to showcase their available content for distribution. MIPCOM has long been a must attend show for Disney, a cornerstone to their global sales and distribution strategy that showcases world-beating content from their brands Marvel, Pixar, ABC Studios to name just a few. This event is much more than just a show piece and therefore they needed a strategy that year on year elevates Disney as the world’s content creators, leaders and thinkers through imagination and innovation.  

As with all things Disney, every year boundaries are pushed, and new expectations are set. With Star Wars as the main foundation for the event, our 2Heads creative and delivery specialists thrived; working alongside Disney to create the 2D and 3D graphical artwork content and assets from Disney’s immense content library.

2Heads then transformed a blank canvas, albeit on a beautiful premium beach front, into an exclusive, private and invite only platform that hosted multiple private and informal meetings, show activations, content and networking events, fully catered evening parties, press lunches and much more within their very own Disney branded arena. With first impressions an imperative, Star Wars wowed arriving guests who got to experience the full majesty of the Millennium Falcon exterior as they entered, enhanced by art imagery, UX lighting and a full size storm trooper stationed at the main entrance.

From the main feature walkway through to the main event space itself, guests enjoyed photo opportunities with Yoda & R2D2, and theatrical sound & light that paid homage to Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic. Key art posters of current talent from the Disney studio brand stable had fun with Star Wars vibe, wielding lightsabres or channelling their inner Darth Vader.

The main event space was the place where other brands staked their attendance at the show with large format graphics and multiple digital rolling content displays. Though guests could still get their SW fix with the beautiful feature ‘Cantina’ bar that provided both continuity and full custom catering solutions.

Star Wars at MIPCom was a highly detailed and integral design with many features that proved challenging under restrained timescales. The high levels of imagination from 2Heads creatives, combined with the industry buzz for such a high profile and long-awaited film set standards of expectation to an all-time high.

And that was what made the end result so stunning. Like a diamond, the focus and pressure upon the event created something jaw-dropping that guests still talk about today and certainly ensured the event stayed in our top five most amazing experiential environments.

Outside of brand and content, Disney also facilitated all their sales meetings over the four day event with our proprietary EventHive Meetings digital platform that took guests from the day to day activations through to Disney’s infamous Monday night party.


This year’s MIPCOM stand was outstanding, and it was a pleasure working with you during the whole process. I appreciate all your creative input, dedication, and commitment to details – it was really fun!
Please pass on my gratitude to rest of the MIPCOM team.

Stephanie Roman
Director, Marketing | Disney Media Network

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